Essay On Possession Of Knowledge

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John Ju
“The possession of knowledge carries an ethical responsibility”. This claim can be interpreted in many ways. Everyone obtains a knowledge about something in many ways. Therefore, they must carry an ethical responsibility about any events that are caused by that knowledge. Possession of knowledge means to gain control over the knowledge, in other words, to have knowledge as our property. Knowledge can also be justified as ultimate belief, we accepted the truth (information) to be one of our knowledge. We must also understand “carries an ethical responsibility” and how it’s connected with obtained knowledge. Ethics comes along with the knowledge, which is our duty to be responsible to know and situations that can happen because
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Accidental knowledge also carries an ethical responsibly even the person has no intention to want to know about it. Accidental knowledge can happen anywhere and anytime and it will constantly test our ethical responsibility. There are many arguments about not helping the person that has a relationship with the accidental knowledge. The ethical responsibility of accidental knowledge can be differed by different perspectives. People who believe accidental knowledge carries an ethical responsibility says it is not moral if we don 't help others that is directly related to the accidental knowledge. On the other hand, the people who have the opposite argument says there is no need to feel guilt or carry ethical responsibility because it was unexpected and we have the rights to deny it. For example, I obtained an accidental knowledge by witnessing a student, who was stealing other student 's laptop that was left in the classroom. For me there will be two choices can be made whether to tell the teacher about this or just pass it. However, from this moment I will be ethically responsible to report to the teachers. Being responsible is a moral thing to do and prevent any serious problems that might happen to students. From this example, many people face accidental knowledge and struggles of taking ethical responsibility due to the fear and wants to avoid complex
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