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1. PLACES WHERE I CAN BUY STAMPS The most obvious place that comes to your mind when you want to purchase postage stamps is a post office. But the notion that postage stamps are available only at post offices does no longer hold true. There are dozens of other places where you can buy postage stamps from. This has made the whole process convenient and a lot quicker. Below is a comprehensive description of all the places where you can rush to buy, sell or auction postage stamps in the USA. 1.1 ATMs – ATMs selling postage stamps is a comparatively recent progress. ATMs have expanded their horizon of convenience by the addition of this feature to the already existing cash withdrawal and deposition. However, not all ATMs provide this provision…show more content…
1.8 ONLINE WEBSITES – The advent of technology has enabled the millennials to buy, sell or auction stuff within the comfort of their homes. Postage stamps are no exception to it. The most beneficial part is there is no time barrier and they have plenty of options to choose from, making the whole experience remarkable. 1.9 PHARMACIES/DRUGSTORES – American pharmacies and drug stores are no longer limited to selling medicines and cosmetics only, they have expanded their horizon and selling stamps now come under their umbrella too. Individual stamps are difficult, but a booklet or coil can be easily found in the country’s top drugstore chains. 1.10 RETAILERS – BOOK STORES it is also a good idea to check your local book stores or retailers as they often sell stamps to their customers. 1.11 UPS STORES – UPS is nothing but United Parcel Service, a private company that moves packages and costs more than USPS primarily. The UPS stores sell the USPS stamps and have them delivered too. But the stamps are available for purchasing at the UPS stores and not at the customer counter at UPS sorting

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