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3.1.1 Difference Between Traditional And Modern Post Natal Care

Postnatal health care is very important to make sure the health of both mothers and the baby in a good states . The postnatal health care is usually provided after the childbirth for six-weeks period in which there are some do’s and dont’s that the mothers had to apply. Over 60% of maternal deaths occur during the postpartum period in the developing countries. If the mothers apply the postnatal care, a great number of postpartum complications can be avoided.

a )Traditional post natal care

In general, most of the Malaysians practice traditional post natal care. These traditional post natal care include :

• the use of herbs for external use,
• body wrapping,
• the use of heat
• body massage.

Above practices are important to allow the sex and reproductive organ to recover , promoting healing process , restore the energy of the mothers, able the mothers to get their ideal body shape again and some aesthetic reasons. Other than that, the aim in traditional postnatal care is prevent “meroyan” (postnatal depression) as this complication may arised in the postnatal period
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In Malaysia, women after childbirth regardless of the socio-demographic and cultural differences complement traditional postpartum care or ‘pantang’ . Since that In Malaysia we have diversity of races, the Malays, Chinese and Indians each practice their own postnatal care. However there is some similarity in the basis of practices including prescribed confinement period, postpartum diet, massage, hot compress (bertungku), corset (bengkung), herbal baths and medicinal tonics as well as certain specific lifestyle

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