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At first you may think it unheard of for a woman to eat her own placenta after her baby is born. However, this practice is a growing trend among new mothers who hope to get rid of postpartum depression, restore energy levels and recover faster from childbirth.
One out of every seven women develops postpartum depression. This condition occurs as a result of hormone levels decreasing after birth. This condition can have a negative effect on the relationship between a mother and her baby. Some women choose to take anti-depressants, but others are searching for more natural ways to balance postpartum depression and choose to eat their placenta, as they argue that we are one of the only mammals not to do it.

In the western world the placenta is usually incinerated along with other biological waste, unless plans have been made with your healthcare provider in advance. Once the baby is born, the doctor waits until the cord stops pulsing, has the mother give birth to the placenta and then cuts the cord. The placenta is put in a bag and given to the parents at that time. Some doctors or midwives will help out giving a tiny piece of the placenta to the mom to put under her tongue to stop any heavy bleeding after childbirth. Some will take the placenta and put it in a smoothie and give it to the mother to
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Most of the risks lie in how the placenta is handled. After delivery, there can be faecal contamination from both the baby and the mother. Women often defecate during labour. This exposes the placenta to bacteria. The vagina is not sterile either and the whole birth process is just messy, involving the exchange of many body fluids. The placenta could also sit on the counter for too long, exposing it to other bacteria and pathogens. The placenta is just like any meat product, it needs to be refrigerated as soon as possible. This does not always happen in the confusion of labour and

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