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Introduction - If you have ever walked by a store window and caught a glimpse of yourself slouching, it may be a wise idea to invest in a posture corrector. Obviously, not all posture correctors will give you the results you seek, but a quality model will improve your posture in virtually no time at all. Today, I’m going to literally set you straight with this list of the best posture correctors. What Is A Posture Corrector? - A posture corrector is a device - typically a harness - which is utilized to improve the posture of the wearer. They are generally used by those who have a particularly noticeable, Mr. Burns-esque hump, but more and more semi-slouchers are turning to them in order to tackle their poor posture before it becomes a major…show more content…
- Before you purchase any sort of medical device, you should attempt to determine the consensus of the medical world regarding that particular device. With posture correctors, however, finding a consensus is pretty difficult. Medical professionals are divided on the effectiveness of posture correctors. There are plenty of chiropractors and doctors who insist posture correctors can indeed help improve a subject’s posture, providing they are used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. However, an equal number refuse to accept the idea that anything other than professional intervention can remedy a serious slouch or hump. Some medical professionals have expressed a fear that by allowing the muscles to relax, posture correctors may actually cause them to become complacent rather than more powerful. The body may grow to rely on the posture corrector to remain upright, meaning your posture could conceivably be worse than ever before by the time you abandon your corrector. At the end of the day, posture correctors can only be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. There are some patients for whom posture correctors have been something close to a godsend. They are unrelenting in their praise for posture correctors and believe everybody, even those who may not have obvious struggles with their posture, will benefit from purchasing

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