Argumentative Essay On Pot Addiction

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Pot refers to the flowers, extracts and the leaves of a plant called Cannabis sativa and other closely related species called hemp. It is one of the most commonly used illegal drugs and is known by different names like marijuana, cannabis, grass, weed, and hash. It is widely grown across the world and is considered a recreational drug. There are many people who are of the belief that pot usage is less dangerous in comparison to using other illegal substances. However, the reality is that there are treatment options available for pot addiction and this is mainly due to the fact that there are people who actually need proper treatment for this dangerous addiction. The options for Pot Addiction Help include: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy This is a type of psychotherapy that involves teaching people different strategies that can help them in identifying and…show more content…
It can be a normal emotional response to different conditions like puberty, stress and anxiety. People suffering from Hypopnea might also show irritability in their behavior. Fatigue This is also one of the most common symptoms of Hypopnea. It is a general condition where a person feels the sensations of weariness, tiredness, weakness, low energy and exhaustion. The other common symptoms of Hypopnea include forgetfulness, behavior or mood changes, nervousness, depression, morning headaches and trouble concentrating. The Causes of Hypopnea The causes of Hypopnea include • Obesity • Excessive intake of caffeine • Medications and health problems • The intake of Nicotine, drugs and alcohol • Typical shapes of the jaw and the palate • Large tongue • Large collar or neck size • Narrow airway • Large adenoids and tonsils in children • Nasal obstruction • Weak respiratory muscles • Old age • Smoking The causes of Hypopnea need to be considered and taken care of in order to get easy riddance from this medical
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