The Effects Of Poverty On Education

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Poverty and Education have been topics we discussed and watch videos about in class, therefore I decided to share the effects poverty and education are causing individuals living in Sub- Saharan Africa. Sub-Saharan Africa has the hearts of many foreigners who are yet to visit this place. It is one of the largest geographical area and a place full of different people and different cultures. There are about 44 countries located in the south around the Saharan Desert (Pariona, 2017). How well do we understand poverty? Poverty is a word that has a variety of meanings. According to World Bank Organization, poverty is hunger, not having the necessity to go to school, lack of shelter, and most importantly lack money (Brunswick, 2010).
Firstly, poverty has a big impact on education. Poverty is not an issue to make fun of. Poverty has a serious impact on education, especially in children. Children raised in poverty deteriorate more frequently, persistent and suffer from serious health problems as compared to children who were raised with a stable
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About 625 million sub-Sahara Africans are living without electricity due to this they cook most of their meals by burning whatever is available for them to cook. The world experiencing poverty and it's unfortunate how it affecting children every day (Parke, 2016). What is important to note is that these deaths are caused by lack of proper nutrition, immunization, sanitation and water infrastructure(Eric Jensen,2018). Among common reasons, the main causes of poverty affecting Africans are the governments’ poor management and corruption. The leaders are enjoying the benefits whiles their citizens
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