Essay On Poverty And Violence

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The question whether poverty breed violent conflict or violent conflict cause poverty is very complex and difficult to answer. Many scholars have different views. Some are in the favor of poverty led violence other having different opinion. This phenomenon is interlinked. In some situations, poverty and under development is caused by violence and on the other hand violence is been the main source of destruction of poverty and underdevelopment .It is observed that those people who live in poverty and belong to poor class are more prone to violence. There could be a number of provocations; poor/limited housing space, excessive and close interaction with lots of people, homelessness, distressed neighborhood, noise pollution, disrupted families, high crime rate, disease etc. Simply hunger can push a teenager to steal…show more content…
Economists have also come up with other forms of analyses to understand the complex cyclical relationship between these variables. One approach to the problem is that instead of examining the correlations between poverty and violence within countries, or even across countries, economists now are looking towards inspecting the effects of a country falling into poverty by chance or rising to riches by chance, and then surveying its impact on other factors within the society.
Scholars have emerged with different theoretical explanations for the causes of conflict in the world. In the face of present crises, the flaws underlying both modernization and democratization theories and the theory of colonialism are being exposed. The long held perception that modernity would result in smooth transition from authoritarian system to democratic system, with gradual elimination of conflict has clearly failed in today’s time. Violent conflicts affect the economic status of individuals and households through the Intensity and types of violence they set in

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