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Canada is one of the countries with the most significant economic and human development in the world. Their rules of living are among the highest in the world, and it is not uncommon to find some of their cities among the reviews that mark them as the best on the planet to live in. But that 's only part of the reality. One of the social reasons that contribute to poverty in Canada is that people who are considered poor, do not have jobs with minimum wages or whose jobs are not fixed or stable (4 out of 10 poor), who are unable to work because of health, disability or being cared for by young children (5 out of 10 poor) and who are unable to find employment (1 out of 10 poor, either because of lack of training, experience or because in their…show more content…
FAO reported that 2008 was the second largest crop in history. That same year, according to Action International, five million children died of hunger. It has been shown that the planet can produce food for a population more significant than the current one. However, 1.02 billion people suffer from famine (1 in 6.5), and 100 million more joined last years. The poor are not responsible for hungry lives, without water and electricity. There are deep inequalities and fundamental deficiencies of social organization. The problem of hunger is not only a question of food production (the bigger, the better) but also of access to food and equity. There are no winners and losers. With these degrees of exclusion, we 're all losers. Social cohesion is weakened, and conflict situations are created, generating violence and sick societies. More than nine million children die each year before their fifth birthday. Between 33% and 50% due to malnutrition. The cause of death is usually diarrhea, but behind it is acute deficits of necessary micronutrients. About 2 million children die from pneumonia. Antibiotics to treat it cost 27 cents a dollar. Their families lack them. In total, 18 million people die each year from poverty-related causes. These are preventable deaths that the crisis is aggravating. Playing commercial casino doesn 't come free. The World Bank estimated that 22 more children would die per hour in 2009 (one every three seconds) for preventable

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