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Poverty is defined as the state of having little to no money or the basic need to live. These needs can be shelter, food, health care, education, clothes etc. According to the Borgen Project, there is a serious concern of poverty in Central America. Central America consists of six countries, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua and Panama; all of them are considered developing countries, a country with low standard of living. Most of these countries have a minority of rich people, and a large group of people living in poverty. In the past years, there has been a moderate economic growth in most countries. The World Bank stated that the country with the best development in Central America within 2000 to 2011 was Panama. Although some countries still have severe cases that keeps them from this kind of development. Central America’s economic level is increasing at a low rate.

Poverty has several causes in Central America, which are similar in each country. In Nicaragua’s case, poverty may be a
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Sadly, only a certain minority manipulates this income, this lead to rural poverty. Rural poverty refers to poverty found in rural areas. The Rural Poverty Portal stated that two out of three parts or rural areas in Central America are poor, also, stated that half of its population is situated below the poverty line. Most of them cannot afford the basic needs to live. The country that is more affected with rural poverty is Honduras, with 75% of its population living in rural poverty. According to Merco Press, the FAO-Cepal Report, rural poverty has been decreasing in past years but still it is affecting a large amount of the population. The income of the exportation of product depends on the single largest export, coffee. Most of this product and other products such as bananas, are being exported to USA, this is helping Central America’s economy to be more

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