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Poverty, a predicament where the poor live a life of destituteness. A life either devoid of or lack of food, water, shelter, clothes, and education. In plain English, poverty is defined as a situation where the poor are lacking the basic essentials required for them to sustain their lives. In relation, one of the most commonly known countries to be affected by poverty is India. Based on Global Finance, India is ranked as the sixty-fourth poorest country in the world. Despite not even being on the top twenty of the list, the scars of poverty can clearly be seen across the land of India. The causes and effects of poverty in India are not just disastrous, moreover, it is also a catalyst of misery that affects the lives of the poor in the country. The first cause of poverty in India would be overpopulation. India is said to be the second most populated country after China. This is due to the fact that the birth rate of India is higher than its death rate. Although their population is growing at an increased rate, their resources are finite and insufficient.…show more content…
Consequently, unemployment leads to poor living conditions in the midst of the citizens of India. The impact of this unemployment problem is that its causes the residents, mostly young men to run wild. Due to their inability to earn money legally through normal jobs, some of the unemployed tend to commit criminal acts such as stealing, robbing, kidnapping and drug trafficking. Subsequently, this increases the crime rate in the country as a poverty ridden society is more prone to violence. In a not so worse case scenario, some of the residents are forced to live in illegal houses, where the houses are illegally built on the land of others as they are too poor to afford regular houses. This, in turn, increases the rate of illegal housing in India. In short, the unemployed citizens below the poverty line are unable to live out normal lives as the might succumb to violence and engage with illegal

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