Essay On Poverty In South America

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How would you like to live in such extreme poverty that you cannot have a home or you do not have money to buy food or water? Many people do not realize the big problems around the world. We may have some issues to deal with but most of the time we take the things we have for granted. Poverty is not only in South America but it is all around the world. You may not know but it could be happening in your own home town. Poverty is a big problem today due to many reasons but one being the distribution of wealth between social classes is unequal. Many people of South America are dealing with extreme poverty. There are many reasons behind the poverty in South America. The main reason is the distribution of wealth is very unequal (Bank). Some other reasons that poverty is such a thing in South America is higher fertility, migration, drug use, and other things. Living with poverty in South America is like living on four dollars a day (Felcon). There is a low percentage of people living under the poverty line living in the southern part of South America (Felcon). Within the last two decades’ poverty has declined (Felcon). The poorest of the people from South America are the native people of Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia who live in the Andes regions, yet many of those people have moved to larger cities in search of employment but…show more content…
Free trade will help people prosper because business will be done through private parties, they can exchange goods and services. Right now South America has a central banking system, and this causes inflation to hurt every nation in that region, leaving no room for people to grow and prosper. The people need competing currency and low cost transaction fees, so everyone can access money. This way wealthy banks cannot just print money and make the value of everyone's money go down

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