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Power Really Does Corrupt Those Who Have It Many use the word “corruption” but don’t know what it means. Corruption is dishonest behavior by those in power, and this happens more than one would think. Power isn’t a bad thing to have, most people want to have power, although when some who are high in power also become high in corruption, that can turn in to something bad. How does one become corrupt? Some believe people become corrupt on their own; others believe people who are influenced by power, become corrupt overtime. Corruption mixed with power is a dangerous combination. Corruption leads people to lose sight of what’s right and wrong and what’s good and bad. Power corrupts those who have it and one can see this through police brutality, political leaders such as Kim Jung Un, and abusive parents. Police brutality has become a real problem. In January, a sixteen-year-old boy, Haynes, was shot in court by a police officer. There was a fight between the Haynes, the mother of Haynes, and the police officer. According to WCMH-TV “Deputy Scarborough fired one shot, striking Haynes in the left side of the torso” (Lanier). Haynes died later on that night. Although there was controversy and was said Haynes “attacked” the officer, Haynes did not do anything life threatening to harm the…show more content…
The US military has an immense amount of power and uses it in all the right ways. The military is selfless using their power to protect the US, not using it for their own benefit. The military takes part in rescue missions, medical assistance in areas that have had a falling out and as law enforcement such as security. Most members of the military get sent away from their family for months at a time to serve and protect the US and the ones in it. They have enough power to where they could do dangerous things with, but they choose to protect and serve instead of becoming corrupt and endangering the ones they are
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