Essay On Power Of Media

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The Power of the Media is Stronger Than We May Believe
In today’s society, social media changes teenagers as a whole influencing them and portraying others' lives anyway they want to see it, and also has a big influence on what they believe or how they deal with certain situations. According to research, over 75% of teenagers have profiles on networking sites and more than half of that percentage is influenced by a social media star on a day to day basis or even influences others. Lots of negative impacts can affect teenagers daily and can even have a long-term effect on their lives. This topic was chosen to give an idea on how we can change the ways we portray certain topics and issues online as a whole and not just individually.
Today’s social media entertainers have the power to give off something important to someone's viewing, whether that be negative or positive. With these celebrity like influencers that teens look up to
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Scrolling through feeds on the media gives teenagers the sense of vulnerability and gives them the need for validation from seeing other people’s lives online gives them the sense to compare their lives and see that the other person’s life might seem better, more fun, or enjoyable compared to theirs. This gives them that feeling of low self-esteem and depression. Many researches have come to the same predictions that teenagers often edit their photos or even will only post those that will give off that their life is
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