How Does Napoleon Solidify His Power In Animal Farm

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Have you ever lived in a society that promised many promises but always broke them? Have you ever been lied to? Animal Farm shows how the societies and rulers oppress their citizens without the citizens realising that. It also shows how rulers will always change when they are in power and only work for their personal privilege. In Animal Farm, George Orwell argues that Napoleon has solidified his power by using fear mongering, manipulation, and scapegoating. Napoleon has solidified his power by using fear mongering. For example, whenever the animals disagreed with what Napoleon had said, “the dogs growled so threateningly that they accepted his explanation without further questions” (36). This shows that Napoleon used the dogs to scare the animals and make them accept the pigs’ orders. The animals were scared of the violence used and the pigs’ power, so they obeyed the orders fearing consequences. In addition, Napoleon and Squealer always rhetorically asked the animals "surely, none of you wishes to see Jones back?" (80). This shows that Napoleon always scared the animals of Jones’…show more content…
Body paragraph one showed how fear mongering was used to scare the animals. For example, the vicious dogs and Jones comeback were used to scare the animals if they did not obey Napoleon. Body paragraph two showed how Napoleon blamed Snowball of all the predicaments and disasters they have faced so that he would stay in power; Snowball was blamed of the windmill ruin and associating with Jones. The third body paragraph about pigs manipulating animals to make them obey Napoleon, by making them believe that pigs should not work and that they deserve to sleep in beds to make up for the pigs’ mistakes. The animals thought that Animalism was going to be executed. However, the pigs were oppressive and dictators, and did not give the animals their
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