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It might seem rather unusual to the casual observer to suggest that the president if the United States could be anything other than powerful at all times. He is after all the head of state in the world’s only economic superpower, commander in chief of the world’s most powerful armed forces, and a figure glorified in countless Hollywood movies. The President’s powers are balanced by Congress. Congress votes on legislation and then sends it to the executive branch to put into effect. In other words, Congress grants delegated powers to the president. The Constitution is especially concise when it gets to the heart of the presidency: the powers and duties of the chief executive. It grants the president a limited number of expressed powers, or explicit grants of authority. Presidents serve a four-year term and can run for…show more content…
The constitution defines the president as the head of the executive branch of government, with a number of different powers arising from that position. President has certain power in sphere of legislation. Much of the original power vested in congress is now exercised by executive agencies, independent committees and the courts. The president has power to veto legislation, returning it to the chamber in which it originated. This can only be overturned by a two third majority of both chambers of congress. The president also has to share power in foreign relations as well. Presidents can make treaties and appoint ambassadors only with the agreement of two third of the senate. Termination and reinterpretation of such treaties are not covered by the constitution; the same applies to informal executive agreements between the presidency and foreign governments. In the case of war, the president commands troops which only congress, who hold all the financial power can provide; congress in turn can declare war bur relies on the president to wage
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