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Prayers offered with an intense faith produces results if focused on a specific goal. It requires your heart to believe and not doubt only God answereth all prayers..,your prayers may take long to come through but if no faith is applied it will go a miss..,i want encourage you today our hope in God is never in vain. The book of timothy tells us that if we ran our race well, keep our faith and finish the course then God will come through for us. A prayer of faith when it is consistent,God will honor that and it will bring a fruitful and a prosperous results. God knows how our hearts are honest and faithful, when we react to his voice. In james 5:17 Elijah was a man who believed his prayers would work. He prayed earnestly that it mighty not rain on the earth at space of 3 years and 6
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Job didn't lose his faith in the character of God. He knew his God would never fail him. Our God is God of great mercy and grace he will restore back to you anything satan has taken from if you rise up and trust in him..,there is always a sift in the , when you cry to God in prayer,he will always pay attention to the words of your mouth, for the words of your heart the mouth speaketh..,out of the abundances of the heart floweth issues of life.The bible emphasis that if, we act and claim God promises through his servant, Abraham, who is our heir..,then we shall be partakers of his blessings, for God's word will , hasten and perform where it has been send and it will not return back, void without accomplishing its

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