Essay On Pre-Kindergarten

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As the expectations for children coming into kindergarten rise, so should a child’s preparation for the concepts that they will be expected to know. More and more parents are making the decision to enroll their children into preschool to help prepare them for kindergarten, and more and more of these students are succeeding in their early school years. Infact, 61% of parents say that their children are enrolled in preschool, which has risen by 6% in just one year! Kids that do not get the opportunity for pre-kindergarten classes are not getting the chance to succeed at their full potential. Studies show that kids that do not attend pre-K are 60% more likely not to attend college and 70% more likely to get arrested. Children need to attend preschool,…show more content…
Most children spend their earliest years surrounded by the same group of people, usually family, and experience very little interaction with others outside the family network. Separation from parents and other family members gives children a chance to develop a much needed sense of independence and problem solving skills that will be used in kindergarten. In most preschool centers, children get an opportunity to make their own choices, learn to figure things out for themselves, and form their own solutions. Pre-kindergarten classes also teach them to better respect authority and recognized consequences for their actions upon themselves and others. In a school setting, the teacher has different rules and repercussions that the children begin to interpret and abide by. They also begin to witness that their actions affect the other children. When children are surrounded by their peers, they master concepts such as sharing and how to form relationships. The value of friendship becomes a concept that they understand. Children also get to experience a much more diverse set of cultures during their preschool years. When children are encouraged to engage with peers outside of their family network they develop self control and social skills necessary for, not only kindergarten, but also for the rest of their
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