Essay On Pre-Referral Process

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After reading, reviewing all the information about pre-referral, referral, evaluation, IEP meeting, and reevaluation for special education I can say that I have gained knowledge that would help me in the future. This knowledge would help me with the process of identifying and referring the students when it is needed. I gain the knowledge about pre-referral process and what steps are involved in this process, and its benefits. The importance of pre-referral process is to ensure that a teacher tries special accommodations and modifications with a student before the student is referred to a special education. There are some benefits of pre-referral process, it provides a forum for the teacher, parents and other team members to talk about student and his/hers needs. Also it improves communication between teacher and parents by involving families in the process. Another benefit is that it gives teachers a choice of strategies…show more content…
The knowledge gained from pre-referral process can be applied in the classroom, like trying different interventions and creating appropriate accommodations for the students with disabilities. As an educator I consider an individual’s abilities, interests, learning environments, and cultural factors in the selection, development, and adaptation of learning experiences for students with disabilities. The information gained from this process prepares me to work with the students, parents and a team for the child’s success. Using technologies helps to support instructional assessment, planning, and delivery for the students with disabilities. I can implement transition plan for students with disabilities across a wide range of different learning experiences in collaboration with individuals, families, and a
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