Essay On Pre School Education

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This chapter focuses on the background of study about the perception of parents towards private pre-school education in Dungun. It highlights on the important of the children to go to pre school education. Section 1.2 will be discussing about the background of study and Section 1.3 is for research objective. It is continued with Section 1.4 on the research hypotheses and research questions in Section 1.5. As the problem statement will be discussed in Section 1.6, the significance of study continues in Section 1.7. Scope of study is in Section 1.8 and finally 1.9 will be the summary. 1.2 Background of study Early education as the supports to the development of basic skills. It is to help children deal with tasks for example learns to read…show more content…
Parental involvement may physically occur at school, at home, or in both settings. They also will be influence to send their kids to the pre-school education from words of mouth, neighborhood, caliphs and parents background. Involvement of parents or known as parental engagement is parent participation in academic learning including a regular, two-way communication with educators. 1.7.2 Children The important of early education to children is avoiding an abbreviation of Literacy and Numeracy Screening (LINUS). Also, the children will interact more with others children. Communication and good relationship will improve their style of communication and language proficiency. 1.7.2 Pre-School The school also play important role to educate the children at early ages. It is a place to learn skills of learning to children before entering primary school which is Year 1. In pre-school, teachers will observe and teach children followed by the programmed and module that have been set up by the ministries. The combination of school and home is for the purpose of make best use of educational goals of the
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