Case Study: The Precast Construction System

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The precast construction system is witnessing a growing interest because of the focus on improving the work area and reduce the construction time, and reduce environmental impact, while maintaining quality. In addition, the precast concrete system is becoming very popular around the world for low, medium, and high-rise construction due to the economical advantages possible with the ease and speed of assembly, and the high quality of the precast panels. The connections between panels are extremely important since they affect both the speed of erection and the overall integrity of the structure. The connections are more important and the specificity of Precast construction, being the general behavior of the precast structures related
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The versatility of precast concrete makes it ideal for architectural applications. The exterior surface of a precast concrete piece can vary from a form face finish similar to cast-in-place to an exposed aggregate finish that is highly ornamental. Some precast panels act as column covers while others extend over several floors in height and incorporate window openings.
In most cases, the architect selects the cladding material for appearance, provides details for weatherproofing and specifies performance criteria. The structural engineer designs the structure to hold the cladding, designates connection points and evaluates the effects of structural movement on the cladding. The precast concrete manufacturer designs the cladding for the specified loads, erection loads and connection details, and provides for the weatherproofing, performance and durability of the cladding itself.
Typically, each precast panel is independently supported to the building structure using an assemblage of metal components and anchors. Joints around each of the precast panels are usually filled with
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Among other factors concerning the advantages of reducing time in building work force and workers at the site, As well as the best of the costs and benefits with respect to the least environmental impacts. and improving the quality of final control elements. However, use prefabricated units on the basis of several non- Traditional challenge to assess these unique features with construction systems. contacts being a crucial factor, one of the most unique features, you can determine the general behavior. Author represents a phase in the process of building the site. Where the common problems in the structure of the assembly process.
At the present time, the unit ready-made concrete shear system designed and constructed in non-seismic zones. The use of this system is very limited in active seismic areas because of lack of knowledge of this type of Construction under seismic loading conditions. structural integrity of units ready-made clothes building the wall and is influenced by the behavior of the communication between units ready the wall elements. Current designs do not specifically address the seismic unit ready design of

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