Essay On Predictable Life

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Life should be as unpredictable as possible. Not unrealistically of course, yet enough to add a flare of adventure and excitement at every chance possible. An unpredictable life is when one is unaware of what lies beyond the next turn of life and allows the spontaneity of events to shape up the future. A lifestyle of this sort tends to keep things interesting as one is not beforehand prepared for what is to come. Such a lifestyle provides ample moments of oblivion and excitement which bring out the child within. There can be several sources of spontaneity and unpredictability in life ranging from something extremely small and insignificant to something or someone much more significant and important. In the novel ‘The English Teacher’ there…show more content…
The main reason for these disorders is the feeling of boredom associated with having no such source of thrill and unpredictability. Boredom can also lead people into unhealthy activities like substance abuse and different types of self-harm. Furthermore people living a predictable life tend to experience an overall feeling of emptiness as evident in the novel, Krishna used to feel that he lived ‘like a cow’ and had a continuous 'sense of something missing' [Ch 1. p. 295]. People living unpredictable lives are often much more mentally stable and are less prone to depression and anxiety. This is because of the thrill and curiosity associated with an unpredictable future, along with the ability to live every moment to the fullest. As evident in the novel Krishna enjoys the unpredictability that his wife brings into his life and hence starts enjoying life; with his wife he feels complete and that sense of ‘something missing’ vanishes. Problems like these can easily be solved by living an unpredictable and uncertain life. Living an unpredictable life provides breaks from routines and provides the mind with completely new information and helps put on thinking caps, people living such lives are generally quicker at problem solving and react quicker to the situations around
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