How To Write A Premarital Cohabitation Argumentative Essay

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In recent decades, the number of married couples has been decreasing steadily. Premarital cohabitation is known as the main reason that causes this unexpected consequence. Cohabitation is an agreement that two people without marriage decide to live together, share the households and others living costs. Proponents of this issue argue that moving in together before getting married makes people less interested in the marriage life. While the opponents disagree with this trait and debate that unmarried cohabitation would encourage the pairs decide to tie the knot together, and improve their matrimony. Although cohabitation can satisfy several demands of the couples somehow; however, it does not strong enough to save their relationships from falling apart, as well as replacing the formal marriage. Its drawbacks are much more important to be considered about, and obviously, cohabitation is way too far to compete with marriage. As a developed country, America becomes one of the top nations that has the highest marriage rate decline – “The age at which one first gets married has risen by six years since 1960, and now only 20 percent of Americans get…show more content…
She expresses her points of view by showing the reason why more and more people deny to get married today, and one of them because of women’s liberation movement – “As more women earned college degrees, entered the workforce and delayed motherhood, marriage became less necessary for their economic survival.” The more developed the world is, the more independent women are. Unlike hundreds years ago, women today have choices and chances in the workplace just like men do; therefore, there is no reason for them to give up their dreams, passions and talents to become a stay – at – home moms like their grandmothers did. Because of this reason, matrimony would be a huge impediment to

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