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Women and Premature Ovarian Failure Arielle Nguwa Ameritech College Abstract Premature ovarian failure is the loss of normal function of the ovaries before age 40. Most women after age 40 naturally lose the normal function of their ovaries, and are not able to have children. To have this ovaries fail before age 40 is abnormal, and is a condition that affects 1% of women (Maclaran, 2011). By having the ovaries to fail, they do not produce the normal amounts of the hormone estrogen, and do not release eggs regularly. There important physical and psychological consequences from a result from POF. There have been many studies done, but despite this, it still remains a poorly understood condition. Infertility is a common result from premature ovarian failure. The purpose of this study is to understand what premature ovarian failure is, some of the common symptoms, and what some ways for treatment are. Causes and Symptoms Premature ovarian failure may have some genetic causes, although the exact cause may be unknown. There have been many researches over the years, and many tend to think that a genetic factor or a problem with the body’s immune system may play a role is many women. Many women have the question to understand if they have premature ovarian failure. It is best to talk with doctor to…show more content…
Many women do not feel like the amount enough in life, or feel like they are not a real woman. Almost as if something was missing inside of them. Many women torment themselves by blaming themselves for not being able to have children. Have a monthly period is an important function in a woman’s life. By not having a monthly period, it affects not only the person emotionally, but also physically. “The life expectancy of women with premature ovarian failure has been shown to be 2 years less than that of those reaching the menopause at over 55 years of age” (Maclaran,

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