Essay On Prenatal Development

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Prenatal development
The prenatal process is the growth and development of a single zygote cell in the womb. The prenatal development process last a total of nine months, the first stage is the germinal stage that begins when a single sperm cell meets with an egg in one of the two fallopian tubes. This stage last between the first two weeks of being conceived. The second stage is called the embryonic stage that happens between the third and eighth week of being conceived. The third and final stage is the fetal stage that happens in the ninth week until birth.
The three stages are all equally important to one another. The germinal stage begins when a female egg becomes fertilized by a male sperm during sexual intercourse. When one sperm successfully
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The ball of cells that has formed during the germinal stage is now called an embryo. In this phase all the major organs form, and the embryo will become very sensitive. The biggest dangers to the embryo are teratogens, which can be anything such as viruses, drugs, or even alcohol these can all cause deformities in an embryo or fetus. By the time the embryonic stage is over the fetus will only be an inch or two in…show more content…
Your baby can be born earlier than 37 weeks or even have a low birth weight. Stress can be caused by many things such as tragic events, or even something as simple as suffering from nausea. This is why it always important to talk to your doctor on a regular basis and get there opinion on what you should limit yourself to be doing while pregnant. Some studies show that being stressed during your pregnancy can cause brain defects in early childhood such as not being able to focus in class or being afraid, all depending on the amount of stress put on the
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