Essay On Prenatal Experience

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Being able to have a chance to watch parental visits, the delivery and postnatal visits, is a great way to put all the steps together. My OB experience has positive and negatives outcomes. The first OB mother I got paired with, did not have any prenatal visits left when I contacted her, but I was able to watch the placement of her cervidil. Her labor went extremely fast, and the nursing staff was unable to call me due to the fasten of her deliver. Then I was going to get place with another nurse’s student, to watch that birth. The OB mother of that birth did not feel like I deserved to watch her give birth, due to not attending any prenatal visits. Lastly, while in the labor and delivery suite, the nurses worked extremely hard to find me another…show more content…
For my prenatal class that I attended and participated in, we learned and gain information on breast feeding and car seat safety. The breast-feeding presentation was given by an RN, that has specialized in OB and breast feeding. The car seat safety presentation was addressed by gentleman from the Sheriff department. Both of these topics were very beneficial for the parents, as well as the nursing student. With this prenatal class, I was able to provide useful information to my OB mother, and while in my clinical…show more content…
My first OB mother, was expecting her 4 child. I was able to meet up her at Sterling Regional Medical Center in the labor and delivery for her placement of the cervidal. At this time, I was able to gain background information on my patient. I was unable to do a prenatal visit, due to not having any left after I contacted her. Due to the circumstance, that I stated early, I as unable to watch her birth. So, then the nursing staff at NJC work hard to find me another mother. However; this mother did not want me to participate in the birth of her child. I finally had the chance to watch a C-section birth from a patient that just happened to agree to let me participate in her labor and
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