The Importance Of Prerequisite Classes In College

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I think my topic, why students have to take prerequisite classes when starting college, influences their lives physically and emotionally. Physically the amount of money and time they are putting into taking these classes, classes that most of us have already taken in high school. In my own experience, I worked two jobs during my time off in the summer so that I had enough money to afford books and tuition. The amount of time us students are giving up making sure we pass all of our prerequisite classes could be as long as two years. Emotionally asking ourselves the question as to why we are taking these classes. As these general classes can be beneficial to us, what is the point of continuing to take them for years after college starts. I have always thought college should be where you start learning how to achieve the career you want to go into, not continue the classes I have done for more than 7 years prior. With all of that being said, I do not believe I am the greatest at these classes even with my prior experience. I think I can always learn something, but I think I need to move on and try something new.…show more content…
As I stated before, I believe physically and emotionally it influences us. Also, I believe our behaviors are directly related. This is only my second semester in college and I can always see and hear the negativity of others, especially on this topic. Some students are not engaged and focused on these classes, because of the fact they want to start with the classes for their degree. Time management is a huge thing in college, and when we are taking a general class and a class for our degree at the same time, most of us are going to spend more of our time on the class for our degree, because we believe it is more
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