Essay On Prescription Drug Abuse

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Prescription Drugs Effects on Lives How many prescription related deaths are there in a year? Statistics show there has been a tremendous increase in prescription drug related deaths. Prescription drugs have become easier to obtain, and the epidemic is on a rise. The number of deaths have tripled in the last twenty years, the number is up to 16,000 a year and it continues to increase. With the outbreak of prescription related deaths, young teens and people must recognize the signs of drug abuse and must recognize the problems this widespread causes. Drug Addiction. People use drugs without worrying about the negativity it can bring in your life. The illegal drugs are not the only unsafe ones. Prescription opioids are similar to the effect that of heroin and morphine,they provide a higher chance to be abused and an addiction to form if they are abused and used non-medically. Because they work in the same way as heroin, prescription opioids are ones that are most to be abused. Prescription drugs are prescribed every year to patients, and they take them without no hesitation. “Prescription drug abuse causes the largest percentage of deaths from drug overdosing.”…show more content…
Even if you do not realize it, your family and the people you love, love you as well. Being a drug addict hurts the people you care about most in many ways. You tend to become isolated from the people you care about without you realizing it. With the addiction, your morals go away and so does all the money. Once the addiction starts you forget who you are, you lose your family and yourself in trying to get high. Waking up an addicts only goal is to get the high. That is all that is going through the addicts head, and they will do anything in their path to achieve the high. If the addict has been using for a while the addict will show signs of withdrawal and will need to use their drug just to feel

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