Essay On Prescription Drug Cost

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According to Harvard Health, millions of Americans are not taking their “medications due to their high cost” (LeWine). Cost should not be the reason that people go without their medicine, something they need. Lack of medicine can lead to hospital trips and death. It is in this way that prescription drugs are similar to water. Those who take medicine are dependant on it, and absence of the drug can be disastrous, as lack of water is terrible for the body. Prices of prescription drugs are very high, and continuing to climb. As a result, many people cannot afford to take the medicine they depend on. Prescription drug prices should be lowered; drug companies are unfairly hiking up the prices, many people cannot afford their medicine, and high prices have a negative impact on patient health. Similar to how findiing safe water is beoming harder, hiking up the prices of drugs and overcharging customers. For example, the price of Nitropress, a blood pressure drug increased from $215 to $881 in one year. It increased by three hundred and ten percent (Edwards). Prices of prescription drugs have not always been high: over the…show more content…
Many people are forced to not buy the drugs they need to survive, which can result in deaths. Even some people that can afford their medicine have a very hard time finding a way to pay for their prescription. The government needs to change it, whether it be importing drugs from Canada, or enforcing price controls. The prices are far too high, and that is why millions of Americans do not take their medicine. Millions of people not taking their prescription is way too many, in fact one person not taking their medicine is too many. People are having to live without the medication they need to thrive, and that needs to
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