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The good thing about being up to date with the latest technological advances is that it keeps us sin track of knowing the present generation. The price of knowing what must be known in the present generation simply makes you full of knowledge about the recent technological development. Present era is an era where technology is mostly used and compared with communication; hence both are linked to each other in many ways. Sometimes it just feels great to know about the things that are happening in the technological world, one example might be to put your genius side on show in front of friends and family members. And sometimes just the feeling of knowing about it makes you self-satisfied.
Things have changed in the field off technology from time to time. There was a time of second generation technology called 2G and then
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Everyone would have owned a 2G technology otherwise a 3G technology in their lifetime. There is every possibility that you are using these services rite now for reading this article. But the recent study shows that 2G and 3G services have faded and are a kind of old fashioned and people are in need of latest technology. Now-a-days people are using internet on a regular basis whether to message or to send photos or to share some files. They are not contented with what they have; they want more and more, better speed and more facilities to explore. 3G technologies were introduced and were made available to the common people when it was observed that 2G services could not meet the required need which was greater speed and
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