Primates Behind Zoos

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Primates Behind Bars: Introduction Zoos have been present in society as attraction sites for hundreds of decades. According to the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums, there are approximately 10,000-12,000 zoos and animal parks in the world. Zoos have numerous enclosures dedicated solely to one animal species, with primate exhibits being one of the most universally common among all zoos. Zoos are premises for the bondage of creatures, regularly in urban regions where huge numbers of the creatures would not overall be found, with the expectation of contemplating the creatures and showing them to people in general on the loose. The principal present day zoo developed out of a noble zoo in Vienna in 1765. Numerous styles of zoos now exist,…show more content…
It is when animals have a limited amount of space to walk around unlike in their natural habitat. Basically, when the primates have their basic needs handed to them such as food and shelter instead of looking for it or hunting for it. In other words, when there is dependency on humans it can be said that it is captivity. The majority of studies cited in this research paper look into nonhuman primates. These are members of the order of mammals that include lemurs, monkeys, and apes. These primates are mammals of the order Primates, which includes the anthropoids and prosimian, characterized by the refined development of the hands and feet, a shortened snout, and a large brain. Nonhuman primates are all of the primates except humans, according to the medical…show more content…
Despite this fact, examining the psychological state of primates in captivity and making sure it is secure undeniably involves human morality. Primates have supplied people with valuable information that has helped man further understand human behavior, and it is unjust to repay these animals by locking them behind bars or a glass wall in zoos. This academic research paper helps the reader understand that keeping primates in captivity in zoos is detrimental to their psychological health by putting forward valid data. The study will also present the reader with reasons to bring attention to this issue. It will show the reader that the importance of protecting the well-being of primates’ is of great
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