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It is safe to say that advertising, and the media will not be the same without the printed word. Print Media is basically a means of mass communication in which the industry is involved with the distribution of printed publications such as newspapers, magazines, books and brochures. There are different types of print media and they are, newspapers, magazines, newsletters, banners, billboards, and books.
1. Newspapers
Newspapers are the most important form of print media. A newspaper is a publication that contains news and other informative articles. They are generally delivered to your doorstep, available at newsstands, and is able to reach a huge mass of audience in a very inexpensive way. Different types of newspapers cater to different types of audiences and a newspaper has different segments to it. For example, Singapore’s local newspaper, The Straits Times, has five parts which compromises of the main paper, Home section, Life section Business section and classified section. There is also another paper called The New Paper, which is tabloid sized and it mostly contains sensationalized news stories, which are not found in The Straits Times.

2. Newsletters
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It created across-the-board changes all over the world. The impact of print media also gave people the chance to be more aware of politics, and with human rights and more people voicing out their opinions being spread, the sharing of political ideas grew to the extent that in many countries a revolution against the dictatorial government and monarchs took place. Print media also gave light to new discoveries in science and technology. For examples, the invention of the steam engine gave boost to the print media by spreading the printed works to outskirts of cities where it encouraged people to share their ideas and participate in debates, which led to the growth of industrialism and
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