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Printing Technology Printing technology always refers to something that are printed out from any websites or pages on a piece of paper using a printer. But that is not the only usage of a printer. A printing technology is a method that many people use in this era. It plays a role in making the world a better place to live. There are many methods in printing technology and basically all of these methods are revolutionary for variety of industry which includes fashion industry. Many of the designers have started to use these method in their designs and it has make a good impact to the industry.
Fashion has a wide meaning in depending on cultural, religious and modern days. In the modern days, fashion involves dressing, shoes and accessories
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This includes fashion and prints. Prints has evolved in fashion industry massively quite recent. This could be seen on many of the designer’s design that has prints on it. Each prints were counted with different cost of making. Different designs and technology of prints comes with different machine and could be costly. This is because there are many types of printing technology that could be used in garment making. The question now is how long will this prints would last for market value.
3-D printing could have tremendous effects on the fashion industry. It has the potential produce good things for the industry: create shorter lead times for designers, offer the ability to invent things in smaller quantities, and create easy personalization.In the contrary , 3-D printing could render many jobs in the manufacturing industry as well as present some tricky legal issues involving copyright. Reasons The reasons why I have chosen to research on this topic is because, the more I look over this printing technology and its values among designers these days the more it worries me. If printing technology has no values or wouldn’t have existed how it would affect the next generations in future. Moreover, these problems is a very serious matter as it involves fashion industry and the generation that would bring up this

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