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Druckstelle is a printmaking studio situated in Berlin/Kreuzberg Germany. Printmaking is the process of making artworks by printing normally on a material . The studio was established in 2001 by two artists Eva Pietzcker and Miriam Zegrer. From 2008 the Druckstelle studio was continued alone by Eva Pietzcker , Miriam Zegrer now has opened her own studio. The studio is not an open studio and also does not offer residencies. The studio space is used to practice research and for teaching innovative and traditional printmaking techniques. The studio uses methods that allow new techniques in printmaking but by minimising the use of harmful substances. The studio has facilities that are used for intaglio,woodblock and screen printing. The studio offers workshops in: traditional Japanese woodblock, colour intaglio with acrylic grounds and polymer film and screen printing using water-based inks. Printmaking has many different techniques for creating artworks , some of these techniques include intaglio, traditional Japanese woodblock…show more content…
This technique was in the early stages of cutting or shaping stamps and seals. Woodblock uses the finest lines and it perfectly copies water-colours. This technique uses water-based inks,brushes, as well as hand-rubbing. This technique only uses non-toxic materials. Screen printing , is a technique that is used commercially. Screen printing is also known as serigraphy which means printing by squeezing ink through the meshes of a fine fabric.It is based on stencilling, it uses a water-based paste to create the artworks. Screen printing is also known for being used for dying fabric and paper. The advantages of using this technique is tat it ia able to print on various materials other than paper. Screen printing originally used silk screen as the material for the frame, which is made from silk but in the modern day polyester is used to create a “silk screen”. Albercht

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