Architectural Design In Prison

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When it comes to the idea of a prison, it brings up a multitude of images for different people. The relationship between media representations of prisons and public understanding of imprisonment is complex precisely because the prison carries multifarious symbolic meaning, which vary between different media and genres such as in television programs, including documentaries, dramas, and reality TV. Some may visualize prison as storage where maximum criminals are allocated per minimum spaces are in order, while others see a character- and lightless community where repentance is nurtured. Those kinds of perceptions are obsolete, yet both correspond to architectural configurations, which remain to function at this generation. Although, the number…show more content…
One of the major issues with the traditional prison design was the excessive mental pressure prisons often put on inmates and guards. According to some of the psychological researches, spaces by its size and scale, colors and windowless environment can also influenced the psychological effects on the ones who occupy them. Architectural design is all about the details, including choosing the appropriate colors, material and lighting for the specific function in the space, using the appropriate form, scale, and movement. Prison should improve and encourage becoming a place for mental health to lessen the risk of deterioration through close support, high-quality care and safe environment for the inmates to thrive. Therefore, by designing an unhealthy prison environment, it can provoke more crime and violence and by neglecting the importance of these matters leads to dysfunctional architecture, which may be the reason of prisons’ social and system failure. Thus, in order to better understand the research study, the author shall explore the architectural concerns of prison in terms of prison environment and its design where the main research question of the study is raised: (What are the general considerations of prison design in Iceland?)

Research question and the purpose of them

The main research question of this research study is, “What are the general considerations of prison design in Iceland?”
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Secondly, it shall present the evolution behind the prison architecture and its design in Iceland. This historical viewpoint will be valuable in forming the understanding in which prison design in present evolves. Therefore, the next major section will be the methodology, where the author will explain (where, what, when and) how the research study will be taken place in detail. The last section will be to understand the architectural design of prison in terms of its environment and elements including the general considerations in the planning of prison in Iceland. It will be compromised of three parts: an examine of architectural concerns in general as a whole in Iceland where the author will illustrate the prison design in Iceland briefly, the connections of the building through staff, prisoners, visitors and facilities. Finally the author shall present a concluding chapter in which the present results are addressed as shown in Figure 1. Furthermore, the author will use books, magazine articles, online sources and other material related to the subject. Perhaps the essential thrust of this research study is to show how prison design can be improved in the future and what would be the main architectural
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