Essay On Prison Culture

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Surviving and functioning within the criminal prison system is a culture all in its own. When we see media portrayals of life in prison, the general stereotype is of hardcore violence and ongoing criminal behaviors. The media images and what seems like sensationalism, may not be too far off in their narrative of how life in prison really is. This paper will explore the world of prison culture, specifically life for men within the U.S. prison system. Additionally, the implications of therapy used to address both substance abuse and mental health in the prison culture will also be examined. According to Joseph D. Galanek (2012), “The United States currently leads the world in incarceration; with a little over two million individuals housed in jail and prison” (p. 196). This is an astonishing number and harsh reality of the magnitude of criminality within our society. The challenges that inmates face and have to deal with on a daily basis are nothing like those found on the outside. Author Paul Wright states (2000), “In American culture, the implicit threat of homosexual rape, when made by a government official in the daily course of his duties is nothing extraordinary and such abuse is deemed to be a normal part of life in prison” (p. 16). Therefore, not only do inmates need to be wary of other inmates possibly being sexual predators, they also have to be cautious of the guards and other individuals in a position of…show more content…
For one thing, gaining entry into the facilities themselves could pose a challenge. According to author Annelle B. Prim et al. (2005), “Social and health services are limited in this population due to restrictive policies and practices.” Another barrier to potential treatment is discerning whether the client is presenting with a mental health issue or the effects of substance use disorder. Author Joseph D. Galenek (2012)
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