Short Essay On Privacy And Privacy

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Not very long ago, reputation and privacy were the main concerns of humans around the globe. At that time maintaining a reputation was linked with the concept of keeping family issues, conflicts, one’s own thoughts and feelings private. If any of the mentioned notions were leaked out, the reputation was considered to be at stake. Such concepts are now called “ conventional ideas of privacy and reputation”.

In the conventional age, it was a breach of ethics for a girl to share her photographs with anyone other than the kin and close female friends, there were albums for photographs and they shown to specific people. Even when people created their profiles on Orkut, specifically females used fake names and did not upload their pictures because
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Privacy is just about not letting anyone read your whatsapp messages and facebook chats. Restricting your pictures and videos is not privacy but a crime in this age.

The web companies are manipulating our minds, they command us to tell the world how we feel through facebook statuses and what we are up to every second of our lives. We prefer to post all personal data over the internet, even though we know that this data is stored in the servers forever. Google has not left anything private, all we do is saved in their servers and can be extracted at anytime. Even the queries we make through google search engine is not private.

Internet is controlling our minds, it has made us internalise the idea that privacy implies not allowing your parents to see what you have published over the internet but showing the what you have been doing lately through facebook profile videos, instagram posts of the day and snapchat stories. Posting our fantasies and details of fights with spouses or conflicts with parents on the internet gives us mental satisfaction, because we believe that marketing the critical matters of our life will build a positive reputation.

The conventional ideas of reputation and privacy have become obsolete according to a few but most argue that they have only been

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