Socrates Law Of State Essay

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Socrates idea that anyone who's a citizen of a state is obligated to follow it rules no is one I agree with. Laws are created to keep order in society. Laws are what bid us together and what justify the punishment given unto us by the state. I agree with Socrates idea that a citizen must abide by the law of the state because if one wants to move to a different city or country then the rules one are used to abide by may not be the same in their new state because that new state does and think differently. Every state are free to make their own laws based on the Belief and support of its citizens and if an outsider wishes to reside in that state then he/she must be willing to comply with the rules set by that new state. However if one wants to challenge the state then they should challenge the law. Yes they are unjust people who uses the law in their favor and make their views seem justified but if one was to prove that he/she did not violate the laws of the states and use the laws in a just manner that supports his/her claim and prove their innocence then he/she should be set free. Everyone must follow the law because without laws society can't co-exist in peace. Because the law bind us together and keep us in check. Many individuals know if they break the law…show more content…
The public get to decided one fate. With the public is one plead for his life and prove to the public that he or she should be given a second chance then the public would consider doing so but with private one is being judge by a few who would judge those based on their own belief and opinion. With public one has more of a chance of being deem free whereas with private ones fate is decided by the few individuals who has their own agenda in
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