Essay On Privilege In America

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Privilege is a word thrown around by many individuals, wither they are talking about key issues or laughing at such an idea that we would have something such as privilege in America. I have heard numerus people in my family exclaim that there is no such thing because they, too, a white, middle class American, have faced hardship. Though it seems that if you have face hardship and destitute you have no privilege, which is simply not the situation. Privilege impacts every individual differently, and even I, someone in a minority group, have many privileges over my brothers and sisters who are a part of the same oppressed group. Why does this all matter though? How can you be both oppressed and privileged at the same instance? Generally speaking…show more content…
We need to stand together to end social boundaries between us, and to make the country of freedom and equality truly equal. America has been prolonged in a state of hypocrisy. We need the public to educate themselves on the issues that are still rabid today. Racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, and the pay gap between man and women are still profound problems in America and we need to be the innovators that ends this. So go to protests, sit-ins, and rallies; listen to the concerns of those oppressed. Look into the media and find the facts on current events in place of the doctored stories they sell you. Most of all, look down through that glass ceiling you’re standing on and help the people stuck below find the tools to break through. There might be a fear of falling, but no one will fall. Those from a place of privilege will remain stagnant, others will simply join in on the equality. Consequently life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are our rights, we fought for these ideals. We need to keep fighting until these rights blanket the entire population and we are all safe in our own skin. We are a country built on the back of horror and death, so it is time that we step away from our past and make the sacrifice of those hurt worth it. We need to make this a country that we can be proud of
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