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“The World will be a better place when nurses get paid more than pro athletes. They save lives while athletes throw,catch, and strike objects”. Athletes are overpaid because I believe their career is too easy for them to be making as much as money as they make. Athletes are overpaid because important jobs that are saving lives are getting paid less than an athlete. Lebron James made seventy one million last year, but an average salary of a nurse per year is seventy thousand a year which makes nurses feel daunted by athletes. Also, the average soldier in the military makes one thousand five hundred thirty one dollars and fifty cents a month. While a pro soccer player makes one hundred sixty thousand dollars in a month. Athletes are over deposited a large amount of money because they make three to six…show more content…
The average American worker makes one hundred and seventy thousand from retiring at seventy or in their sixties, but an athlete will make up to twenty four point seven million to point five million at the end of their career. Also, athletes can develop more money than an American worker because for a single game make at the highest fifteen thousand ,but an American worker doesn’t get paid every day they get paid by the month or by weeks and athletes can depend on their team mates while a worker can not if the workers miss a day they will be fired which can make them feel deluge, but if a player or athlete is gone they can have someone to substitute for them. In Mackenzie Carro’s essay she points out that athletes face chronic health problems, medical bills, and short careers. Athletes are overpaid because they are getting paid more than the jobs who saves lives, they make more money in a year than the average family, and athletes make more money than a average American who retires in their seventies or

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