Pro Athletes Paid Too Much Essay

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Pro athletes may be great in the entrainment industry; however, they are paid too much. Some people work harder than pro athletes, but they still make less than a one. Also, other jobs such as a teacher, police officer, or a firefighter work and work and work but they still get paid little compared to a pro athlete. In addition, it sets a bad example for kids. Most importantly, people are working harder than a pro athlete and they still make more. According to Chris Mueller in the article titled, “Two Sides to Every Coin, Professional Athletes Overpaid?” his dad had worked super hard but made less then Peyton Manning did in one year, then he did in his lifetime! Some people would say that they need that money for an expensive medical bill but, athletes could learn to be frugal like us and save their extra money so that they don’t have to be paid so much. Another…show more content…
When kids are starting to think about what they want to do they sometimes want to be football, or tennis, or even a baseball player. The odds of becoming pro are very slim. Kids will try and then not take their collage studies seriously and fail at collage and at making it pro. Therefore, because they got no education they don’t have a fallback plan when going pro fails. Some people may tell you that the kid could make it big and that you don’t need a degree to get a job. Making it big will most likely not happen and you may not need a degree but a job without degree would not be able to support a family. With that information, you know it would be hard to get a stable job for an average family. According to Justin Hjelm in the article titled, “Do Professional Athletes Get paid too much?” he says that making it in a professional sports league is very difficult. As a result, all of these reasons point to the fact that professional athletes are paid way too much and it is setting a bad
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