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Probation Officer Job Description Overview Would you regard yourself as responsible? Follow orders so much that it has become a natural talent? Respect the court system and think you are capable of upholding their high standards? You may be enticed to know that this job may be the job for you. Day-to-day activities / duties and responsibilities • Being very attentive to the offender and hold supervisory duties • Make sure the offender is obedient to their custodial sentence • Paying attention to details and interviewing the offenders • Keep track of the community service work that they are doing, the amount of hours they are working • Provide support and care to the offender, help them acknowledge how their offences has had an affect on the victims and members of the public • This may involve counselling and be…show more content…
You will meet a range of different people – this role involves a vast amount of communication and it could be said that this is what makes the role very interesting and can be regarded as rewarding at the same time. Job challenges and disadvantages 1. You will meet challenging situations: These offenders may not be the friendliest of individuals and you have to be prepared to deal with it in a calm manner. 2. Organising workloads – There will be court hearings and deadlines you need to be able keep up with so everything needs to be kept up to date. 3. You are human – you are not going to change everyone’s perspective, the efforts you try with some people may not work. You may see offenders commit crimes in the future, prepare to deal with it. There is only so much you can do to help these individuals, what they choose to do after their sentence is up to themselves. Opportunity, career prospects and job progression Once you are a qualified probation officer, with enough experience there is a potential that you could become a senior probation officer. Therefore you can specialize in areas such as high risk offenders or sexual

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