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I am investigating a probation officer 's because it is a field choice in which you provide support and guidance to help legal offenders, both juveniles and adults, readjust to society but helping them identify and solve their problems. I have always been interested in law enforcement and a career I always kept in mind was a probation officer because I love kids and I love helping families. I also want to be that role model for those who don 't have that and i want to be the support and example for those who do not have that at home.
The school requirements to be a probation officer is to be a four year college graduate and majored in one of the social sciences: corrections, criminal justice, psychology, sociology, or public administration. Probation officers are required to have a valid state driver’s license, no criminal record, and must pass both a background check and a polygraph test. The skills needed for such career is the knowledge of the laws of arrest, search, and seizure and of correctional systems. Probation officers need to have respect for individual and cultural differences, understand psychology of young people, and understand the personal boundaries and ethics of the clients. They also need to have clear communication skills and be able to keep clear and accurate case records and write clear case notes. The
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Other Important information about probation officers is that those who work on detention halls are on-call twenty four hours a day. Overtime may also be necessary in most cases. Probation officers must be able to work within the constraints of agency policies and resources. They are highly exposed to stresses and spend most of their time doing paperwork. Probation officers also deal with broken families and the most important factor you must obtain when working in this type of field is that you can 't be weak minded and you must be very disciplined for this kind of work because you don 't know when and what kind of person you will
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