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I would like to describe the process of general problem solving. This process is used in identifying problems in a system. It can also be used for finding opportunities for improvement. Nowadays problem-solving and continuous development is more and more crucial in our personal and professional life. In order to be proficient in problem-solving, we need knowledge, experience about the topic, motivation and communication skills.
Eight steps of problem solving:
1. Identify and define the problem: a good problem definition is half-way to success.
2. Understand present situation: we must be objective in taking an overview of a situation.
3. Identify root cause: we have to be able to think analytically.
4. Plan solution: Possible solutions to the problem are generated, scrutinized and adopted.
5. Execute solution: it is important to ensure the solution is executed to the letter.
6. Confirm result: this phase need to be done by the same people as the first step.
7. Standardize improvement: this step needs quality management attitude.
8. Future plan: this needs a strategic and futuristic point of view.

1. Identify and define problem:
The first step in the problem-solving process is to identify and define appropriately, the presumed problem. To identify the nature and magnitude of a
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Planning a solution requires brainstorming and applying certain solution devising techniques, such as; brainstorming and application of solution devising techniques, potential solutions to the problem is created. Afterward, the suggested possible solution to the problem is streamlined to the most practical and effective solution. The final set of solutions or solution should be adopted and subsequently, stated in a clear and concise action plan for implementing the

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