Essay On Problems In 21st Century

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MR. JASON NAVIDAD What are the challenges that we are facing in 21st century? As a student what do you think are the solution of this problem?
In 21st century is one of the fastest evolution of technology and as a student living in 21st century we are more expose and aware of fastest changes time to time. In 21st century all things are easy in just one click we can do what we want. Despite of the rise of the new technology there are many challenges that we are facing in today’s society. As a humanities student I observe that one of the problem that we are facing now is environmental problems. Our environment is constantly changing the pollution of air and water, global warming from greenhouse gases and carbon emissions may also affect wildlife and species that
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In environmental problems as a student and a citizen to our country we can help to promote the environmental education to spread the information and to aware our parents and our community that if we help together we can build bright future to our next generation. In terms of illegal drugs of our youth and teenagers, as student we only have a lessen capacity to help them but for me the only solution that I think as a student is don’t judge those people or those young people that we know that prone to illegal doings but instead we must help them and encourage to stop and tell them to change their life. In terms of challenges on social media I can relate to this issue on 21st century. I believe that this young people need guidance to their parents and the only solution is they must think twice what they are posting on social media like the motto that I always hear “think before you click”. It can help those young people to avoid what their wrongdoings in social
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