Essay On Problems Of Public Speaking In Sri Lanka

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Problems Encountered in Public Speaking in Sri Lanka

Public speaking is probably considered to be the most difficult form of speeches amongst speakers. A lot of people find it as a quite challenging act, since it has to be performed to a live audience in order to inform, influence or to entertain them. Public speaking is commonly understood as the formal, face-to-face talking of a single person to a group of listeners. Most of the time, it is used to persuade an audience.
Public speaking in English in Sri Lanka is not a very popular act since English is used as a second language in Sri Lanka. Therefore Sri Lankans encounter quite a few extra challenges than what native English speakers would encounter when it comes to learning Public Speaking.
Public speaking is taught in a very organized & precise manner through practice & assigned exercises. Techniques & exercises taught include:
• Oratory
• The use of gestures
• Control of the voice
• Vocabulary, proper word choice
• Speaking notes, pitches
• Using humour
• Developing a relationship
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Speakers get quite nervous to go in front of an audience & speak if they haven’t read up about the subject & gotten prepared enough for the speech. But at times the speaker may have prepared enough but they would not have enough confidence on the amount of preparation & due to that the speaker could develop nervousness before or while performing the speech.
Nervousness could also be due to no apparent reason at all & just thinking of the fact of doing a public speech could make the speaker nervous.
If the speakers prepares themselves well enough in advance by reading up on the subject of the speech & rehearsing difficult portions of the speech, they will be able to go up in front of the audience & perform the speech without being nervous & with a lot of confidence without a

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