Importance Of Dentures Essay

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The Problem with Dentures

Got teeth problems? They can be embarrassing, yes, but they are also very common. In fact, tooth decay is considered the second most prevalent disease in the United States, after the common cold. Tooth decay and other dental problems can easily be prevented by proper oral care – flossing daily, brushing twice a day, eating healthy and having regular dental check ups – still, many people experience dental problems at least once in their lives. The good news is that advancements in dentistry have made these problems easy to address.

Perhaps the most common among all dental woes is tooth loss, brought about by congenital absence, dental caries, gum disease or physical trauma. Tooth loss is usually resolved by wearing dentures. Some people think
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Contrary to what most people think, dentures must be given proper attention through everyday cleaning and disinfection and regular dental office visits. Here are some facts that underscore the importance of proper denture hygiene:

1. Acrylic dentures have pores. This means that quick brushing is not enough to remove all the bacteria on your dentures. These microbes can cause bad breath and systemic diseases like cardiovascular disease, diabetes mellitus and bacterial pneumonia.

2. Overnight denture soaking is important. While it is easy to just grab any denture cleaning solution from the many brands you see on the pharmacy shelf, it pays to go for soaks that kill up to 99.9 percent of bacteria through overnight soaking. A three to five minute soak during the day is also helpful to reduce bacterial count.

3. Dentures must be replaced every five to seven years. Of course you want to get many years of wear out of your dentures, you must understand that they are not indestructible and will wear no matter how meticulous you are in maintaining them. Your jawbone will continue to change, so at some point your dentures would need to be

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