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Introduction This is a research task in which we am going to gather information with the problem titled “How should society deal with the problems of older people“. In this task I have included the problems old people face nowadays and their causes with the multiple consequences of these problems. This project was to investigate problems faced by older people around the world. I have seen internet sites that are provided in the bibliography section. These sites have taken proper interviews and done practical research to know more about this problem. I will include my personal perspective, national perspective, and global perspective while talking about the issue. I will cover the following topics- Problems, Causes, Consequences and My solution to the problem. Problems Old age people are the people who age from about 65 and more as per World Health Organisation. Old age people face many many problems in this generation. Nowadays people like to live in…show more content…
If this is not given they could die. Old age homes around the world have to not only ensure the care of these people, but also have to provide them with sources of entertainment(such as books, movies, activities etc.), love of a family, and a proper lifestyle so that they could live a long happy life. Not all old age homes ensure these things causing problems for old people. They don’t provide proper care and a clean hygienic environment. Society should provide the elderly with proper facilities so that they can get back the love they gave to their kids. Society should change their mentality and at least provide their parents with proper shelter and care if not their company. The government should make a law that states that when parents are unable to live on their own money, their children should provide them with money regularly when they live in nuclear families. If their children are no longer living then the government will provide them with a sum of money

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