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Proctologist and Colorectal Surgeon – What is the Difference? If you are looking for specialist medical treatment within the Los Angeles area, then some of the terms that are used may be confusing if you do not have a medical background. A proctologist is a type of doctor who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the colon (or large intestine), rectum and anus. This entire region may be referred to as the bowel. Some proctologists will also treat conditions affecting the pelvic floor. A proctologist is now referred to, usually, as a colorectal surgeon. This is a modern term that describes what these doctors do more accurately. What Does a Colorectal Surgeon Do? A colorectal surgeon will diagnose and treat conditions of…show more content…
However, as your Los Angeles colorectal surgeon will inform you, these procedures are less accurate than either a colonoscopy for a flexible sigmoidoscopy, so it is therefore possible for changes in the bowel to be missed. Barium solutions and x-rays can be used in combination to give a view of the digestive tract. The barium solution allows the digestive system to be seen on an x-ray, and this can be used to identify abnormalities such as growths. The solution can either be swallowed or given as an enema, depending on which region is being examined. You may be given the choice of which you would prefer, or your surgeon may decide. Additionally, a virtual colonoscopy may be performed. This is a CT scan using air to distend the colon so that the radiologist may view the colon lining. Both of these procedures involve the traditional bowel cleansing prior to the procedure and both involve the use of radiation during the procedure. Additionally, if polyps are found, they cannot be removed during these procedures. A colonoscopy will be required. Therefore, most people opt to have a colonoscopy as their screening

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