Essay On Professional Athletes As Role Models

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Almost everyone has watched a sport of some kind and most people look up to some of these players whether what they do in game or outside of their sport. Many athletes in different sports from basketball to swimming have foundations that they donate to and are consistently out in the community helping people in need. Even though they are athletes, professional athletes are looked upon by almost everyone and should be recognized as role models. In this essay I will be arguing that professional athletes should be role models for younger people to look up to. A role model is someone that you look up because they are successful in one way or another. They can also be someone who you emulate as a person and grow up to be like that person. Many…show more content…
Some of these athletes are Michael Vick, Aaron Hernandez, Floyd Mayweather Jr and Sr and Allen Iverson. Michael Vick was arrested for conspiracy relating to dog fighting. Hernandez was given life in prison for first degree murder. Floyd Mayweather Sr was arrested for drugs trafficking and his son was arrested for domestic violence. These are some athletes who probably didn’t realize that they are role models for many of their fans and they all lost fans and respect from many people after their arrests. These athletes should have realized that they have tons of people who know about them and sometimes want to be just like them. Other athletes should help each other with showing them that they are role models and need to act like it for the younger generation. In conclusion, athletes are humans too and just because they’re good at one thing doesn’t mean that they are the best at everything and make mistakes like the rest of us. They should take advantage of their opportunities and help people out in whatever way that they can. If they do things that are wrong, then they are encouraging others to do the same and cause more people to be in
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